Programming & Design Solutions

Russell Mann Machinery is a certified Stone-Vision trainer. All of our training is done at the customer's facility insuring our training is specific to your individual customer needs. We are also a distributer of all Slabsmith products that provide complete product implementation/training.

Machine Tool Repair

Our factory trained technicians are virtually able to build the machine from scratch. No component is beyond our capabilities.
  • Spindle Repair
  • CNC Control along with PLC Diagnostics & Repair
  • Ballscrew & Rail Maintenance
  • KMT Intensifier Pump, Complete Rebuilding of All Components

Software Tooling & Accessories

  • Stone Vision
  • MasterCam Sales, Training & Support
  • AlphaCam Sales, Training & Support
  • Onsrud Cutter LP
  • Techniks Aggregate Heads
  • Techniks Tool Holding Systems
  • Carter Systems Laser Products
  • Schmaltz Vacuum Lifts


  • Machine Operation Training
  • Stone Vision Training
  • Slabsmith Training
  • MasterCam Training
  • AlphaCam Training